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Ms. Mack has delivered more than 100 presentations and publications on issues ranging from complex property/casualty insurance and reinsurance claims, aggregation, occurrence and allocation to annuity reinsurance and life insurance securitization.


– What’s Happening in our Legal Practices Due to COVID-19, Association of Corporate Counsel North Florida Video Presentation, September 24, 2020

– COVID-19 & Its Impact on the (Re)Insurance Industry, Intermediaries and Reinsurance Underwriters Association, June 25, 2020

– The Changing Environment of Life Insurance and Reinsurance Arbitrations in 2019, Society of Actuaries Annual Meeting, October 20, 2019

– The Umpire Master Class (Instructor) – ARIAS-US Conferences-October 2, 2019; November 7, 2018

– The Life Reinsurance Partnership- Is It Headed for a Breakup? ARIAs-US Annual Meeting October 3, 2019

– 9th Annual Arbitrator Roundtable, Massachusetts Insurance and Reinsurance Association, September 25, 2019

– Disputes within the Dispute: What Are Arbitrators Doing About It? New York City Reinsurance Forum, September 19, 2019

– Robert Strain Seminars on Reinsurance – Occurrence and Allocation in Reinsurance Treaties; Statutes and Regulations Affecting the Property/Casualty Insurance Industry-1992-2009; 2012


– Second Quarter 2021: “How Much Disclosure is Enough?” in ARIAS-US Quarterly

– Winter 2020-21: “Arbitration Awards: Assailable or Written in Stone?” in Association of Corporate Counsel North Florida Newsletter

– Winter 2020-21: “What You Need to Know Now-California’s New Privacy Mandates Consisting of the California Privacy Act and the California Privacy Rights Act” in Journal of Reinsurance

– Winter 2020-21: Lexology: Florida Chapter on Property/Casualty Insurance-“Directors and Liability Insurance; Terrorism Insurance”

– Spring 2020: “Novel Approach: Property and Liability Insurance Coverage Issues Presented by COVID- 19” in Journal of Reinsurance

– January 9, 2015: “Mastering Life Reinsurance” in Mealey’s Litigation Reports: Reinsurance