Alternative Dispute Resolution

Susan Mack has been frequently retained as an arbitrator of insurance, reinsurance and financial services disputes since 2001. While the subject matter of her individual arbitrations is confidential, Ms. Mack has substantial experience with the following:

Life reinsurance disputes concerning:

  • Rate Increases on Yearly Renewable Term Treaties.
  • Underwriting standards to be applied to cessions to Excess and Quota Share Treaties.
  • Stranger-Owned Life Insurance issues.
  • Life reinsurance claim issues, including allocation of loss among Treaties.
  • Abandoned property issues.

Health reinsurance disputes concerning:

  • Medical Stop Loss issues between providers and insurers.
  • Subrogation transactions under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.
  • The standard of care for health actuarial services.
  • Rescission of accident and health retrocession portfolio based on alleged underwriting deficiencies.

Property/Casualty reinsurance and insurance disputes concerning:

  • Asbestos, toxic tort, hazardous waste and sexual molestation.
  • Number of occurrences and allocation issues, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Excess of Policy Limits and Extra-Contractual obligations.
  • Insurer/managing general agent issues.

Financial services disputes concerning:

  • Breach of contract and contract rescission cases.
  • Breach of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.

Since 2001, Susan E. Mack has continuously maintained her credentials with ARIAS-US as a certified umpire, certified arbitrator, and qualified mediator.